Successful project

The dispatching (monitoring) systems developed by SKB Elektronmash based on the addressable systems VARTA-ADDRESS, CV1500 and CV2000 find their implementation where SAFETY is one of the main questions of the owners. Such objects, as a rule, are residential complexes.

One of the successful examples is the monitoring system implemented in Odessa by the managing company NashDom LLC

The “Varta-Address Monitoring” software is intended for remote monitoring and remote control of the addressable fire alarm systems “VARTA-ADDRESS”, “CV1500”, “CV2000” and their components, distributed within a city, region. This software allows you to build an effective monitoring system that unites the addressable systems, providing data collection from remote objects in real time.

Implementation of the Varta-Address Monitoring software at the facilities allows to ensure the maximum level of security, accurately determine and respond promptly to a problem.

Advantages of scheduling and monitoring:

  1. -Automated collection of data on the state of objects;
  2. -Fast response when a fire or emergency occurs;
  3. - Continuous monitoring of fire alarm systems and
    automation based on addressable systems "VARTA-ADDRESS", "CV1500"
    and “CV2000” on the central console;
  4. -Minimizing the likelihood of emergency situations;
  5. -Reduction of operating costs;
  6. -Improving the workflow and reporting system;
  7. -Creation of comfortable working conditions.