FACP «Varta-1/832-У8"
(Minimum configuration)

The UU control device includes at least one BKN and one relay with a pair of switching contacts 220 V 5 A. It is possible to install up to 4 (total) BKN units or a combination of BKN and BKK, three BKK units occupy one place under the BKN unit . The designation of the device in such a case (for example, for one BKN and six BKK) UU-1B-6K.

If the necessary units can not be placed in the UU or if the units must be placed clother to the fire extinguishing site, then those units are located inside switching devices. Communication between devices and units is carried out via the RS485 interface at a distance of up to 1000 m. It is possible to install TK2/D and TK2/GSM01 telephone communicators.

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